MOTUS VIRTUAL SESSION – An online session between you and your Motus practitioner

We understand times are changing, and want to continue to provide you with the quality care and support you are used to in our clinic. Whether you are at home, interstate or live abroad, we have you covered from the comfort of your own space.

it works liKe this

Book Your Session

Call, email or book online to lock in your Virtual Session at a time that best suits you.

Access Your Session

Your individual link will be sent to you by text message or email where you will get 30 minutes one-on-one time with your practitioner using either a smartphone, tablet or laptop – whatever works best for you.

Individualised Plan

Your Virtual Session will be no different to our clinic flow (minus the manual therapy) – we’ll define and review your goals, take you through an assessment and provide movement programming along with tips to take care of yourself at home.

Continue Offline

Once the session is finished, we’ll email you ‘Everything From Your Last Virtual Session’ document, your personalised movement program, along with individualised videos of your prescribed movements. A follow up session can be booked as a way to check in with your practitioner on your progression or cover any questions you may have!


Share Your Contact Information

As you do in the clinic, please provide your practitioner with an emergency contact number before you begin in case they need to reach out for emergency assistance during your Virtual Session.

Use a Private and Open Space

Time with your practitioner is essential. We kindly ask you to use a quiet, private space that is free of distractions to ensure the 30-minutes spent with your practitioner is productive, beneficial and uninterrupted.

Ensure You are Using a High-Quality Camera & Audio

Using a device or computer with a high-quality camera and audio will provide for easy communication with your practitioner. You may want to consider using wireless headphones for a clearer sound. Be sure to also rest your device or computer on a stable surface.

Have Your Exercise Equipment Ready

Gather any exercise equipment you may have at home. This may include kettlebells, foam rollers, dumbbells, lacrosse balls etc. If your practitioner has previously given you a resistance band to take home, please have this on hand to utilise during your Virtual Session.

Wear Active Wear

Please wear active wear, or any clothing that allows you to move freely. We recommend a yoga mat for extra comfort and protection.


 If we haven’t already answered your questions, contact us at [email protected] for any further questions or inquiries!

You can expect our standard quality care, just as you would receive in the Motus clinic (minus the manual therapy), during your 1-on-1 30-minute online session. The practitioner will kick off the session by discussing your goals and review any necessary details prior to commencing the assessment. Following the assessment, your practitioner will guide you through ways to manage your pain or discomfort. Movement programming progressions/regressions will be developed and suited for you to do in the comfort of your own space. You will receive an email after your virtual session with a summary, personalised movement program, along with individualised videos of prescribed movements allocated by your practitioner.
Our team is well prepared to assist you virtually, however there may be some instances where this session may not be appropriate. Rest assured, the practitioner will make a judgement call if an online session will not be suitable for your needs, and will work with you to ensure you can receive the most appropriate care moving forward.
At Motus, we take your privacy very seriously. With the shift to providing online sessions, this need is even greater. None of our Virtual sessions are recorded or saved for future use and Motus will use all reasonable means to protect the security and confidentiality of information sent and received in this video appointment. If you have any queries or concerns regarding your privacy during the session, please let your practitioner know straight away.

This service is currently available to all Motus clients. New and current clients.

Please check out our online booking page for all enquiries regarding pricing.

The Virtual Sessions run for a minimum duration of 20-minutes and a maximum of 30-minutes. If you or your practitioner feel as though you need more time, this can be revisited on a session to session basis. Please speak to our friendly staff if you have any further queries with respect to this.

Whether it’s a niggling pain or just a checkup, we’d love to have you drop in!