FEBRUARY 1, 2020

Humans of today’s society rely heavily on technology to communicate and keep up to date with the busy outside world. This reliance has created some unhealthy habits, which given the ever growing presence of technology, require some serious intervention! 

Let’s explore an average daily routine: exercise, breakfast, commute, work, lunch, work, commute, dinner, relaxation time. Now reflect on how many of these daily activities involve you plugging into the online world, on your smartphone. Maybe you check your notifications whilst waiting for a green light, in between gym sets or in the elevator. 

Neck pain from prolonged scrolling is something we see all too often, which is why we have curated 4 easy tips to help you stay connected and out of pain. 

1. Consciously think about the positioning of your smartphone – it matters

We recommend bringing your phone a little closer to your face as opposed to resting it in your lap. Your head will follow your eyes so bring your gaze up the head can maintain a more neutral position which will make a world of difference. Let the phone fall to your lap and the head follows. 

2. Tuck in those elbows

Holding the phone up can bring fatigue to your arms, so for periods of prolonged smartphone use, try tucking your elbows in so they rest just above the front of your hips. This will limit the chance of your arms dropping which, you guessed it, will limit the head  from falling into your lap. 

3. Make the call

We get it – life’s busy. It’s easy to grab your phone and shoot someone a text, but this  takes away the ability to create genuine human connection with someone (and you are more likely to have poor neck positioning if you are texting!). These days we tend to convey our emotions and feelings through emojis as opposed to verbally. We recommend you put the phone to your ear and have a genuine chat! 

4. Make neck strengthening exercises a daily habit!

Strengthening not only increases your necks endurance, but will also build tolerance in your neck and upper back. A quick chin to chest exercise 3 times a day will have your deep neck flexor muscles feeling strong and eliminate any niggling neck discomfort. These can be down at your desk or in a seated position, but when learning its best to do it lying on your back:


  • Find a comfortable spot on the floor and place a small towel underneath your neck

  • Draw the chin straight down then flex the neck slightly in an attempt to give yourself a double chin, and feel the back part of your neck push up against the towel you have placed behind it.

  • Hold for 10-15 seconds for 3 rounds with no rest – you should feel the muscles at the front of your neck switch on, as well as the muscles at the base of your head stretch.

  • Repeat 3 times a day. 

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